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The Democrats’ “Peace” Wing

Last week, I wrote about the Democratic presidential candidates’ difficulty in answering the simple question regarding Israel’s right to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities if it felt its existence, never mind its “security,” were in danger. In his evasive reply, Senator Obama spoke of “carrots” and “sticks,” which seems to be an increasingly popular analogy for the Democrats.

Allegedly, Obama is now quite serious and specific about what he plans to do in order to stop the Iranian bomb dead in its tracks. In a speech Tuesday at DePaul University, Obama called for a “a world in which there are no nuclear weapons” (no word yet on whether Obama will provide unicorns and marshmallows to every American pre-schooler). Specifically, he announced a goal of reducing America’s stockpile, as this will somehow, according to the Times, “reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism.”

But it is not America’s stockpile of nuclear weapons that poses a threat to American national security. Indeed, those weapons keep us—and the rest of the world—safe. Rather, it is nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union and Pakistan, were they to wind up in the hands of terrorists, that endanger international security. It is also the weapons programs of rogue states—like Saddam Hussein’s Baathist regime, mercifully overthrown by an international coalition—which threaten the free world. How Obama’s call for American disarmament will convince Kim Jong Il or the Iranian Mullahs to give up their own weapons (in the former case) or their nuclear weapon ambitions (in the latter’s case), the presidential candidate does not sufficiently explain. Well, he does say something. The Times reports:

In his speech, according to a campaign briefing paper, Mr. Obama also will call for using a combination of diplomacy and pressure to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs. Aides did not say what Mr. Obama intended to do if diplomacy and sanctions failed.

In this short paragraph are revealed the disastrous effects of the hijacking of the Democratic Party by its peace wing.