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Bill’s Nap

Being cranky and needing a nap is no way for Bill Clinton to help his wife grab the youth vote from Barack Obama. And snoozing center-stage during a Baptist service in honor of Martin Luther King isn’t going to help Hillary pick up black votes, either. At this point why is the Hillary camp even torturing the man who’s beginning to resemble Bill Clinton’s grandfather into working for them?

Funnily enough, today’s Washington Post ran a story entitled “The Other Clinton Is an Absent Presence.” It isn’t about his sleeping, but, rather, about Bill Clinton’s supposedly invisible influence in Hillary’s campaign lately. Perhaps not invisible enough.

The piece asserts what everyone already knows: Obama is running against Hillary and Bill Clinton. The Post quotes Hillary:

“I think that he is very much advocating on my behalf, and I appreciate that,” she said. “He is a tremendous asset. And he feels very strongly about this country, and what’s at stake and what our future should be.” She added that “this campaign is not about our spouses.”

But for now it is partly about Bill Clinton.

And Bill Clinton is only partly awake. Which may prove the Post’s point. The article claims that Bill is behind a lot of the nastiness directed at Obama lately, and one should keep that in mind when considering the following Bill Clinton quote from a Jon Stewart Show appearance in September:

“You have no idea how many Republican and Democratic members of the House and Senate are chronically sleep deprived because of this system . . . I know this is an unusual theory but I do believe sleep deprivation has a lot to do with some of the edginess of Washington today.”

Tears, outbursts, and narcolepsy. Is this what all boomers have to look forward to as they hit retirement age?