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Britain’s Muslim Suggestion

The Guardian reports that today the British government will suggest that British universities reject demands from Muslim students seeking separate facilities for prayer and ritual washing.

How very British to make suggestions in the face of extremism. This falls under the heading of “too little, too late.” With Europe’s most anti-Western Muslim population, a hidden judiciary imposing shari’a law, and deadly homegrown jihadists, England is fractured in a way polite suggestions won’t mend. As I write this, plans are proceeding to install loudspeakers across parts of Oxford so that local residents will be subject to a thrice-daily call to prayer from the minaret of the Central Mosque.

In 1701, Daniel Defoe wrote the “The True-Born Englishman” in defense of pluralism. The poem included these lines:

Some think of England ’twas our Saviour meant,
The Gospel should to all the world be sent:
Since, when the blessed sound did hither reach,
They to all nations might be said to preach.

Defoe could not have imagined the blessed sound to be the electronic blast “Give to Muhammad his eternal rights of intercession.”

The coddling of extremists and extremist-sympathizers is only one factor in England’s increasing Islamist menace. Until western Europe, as a whole, revokes the ample benefits that allow virtually anyone to live off the state, discouraging separate washrooms at universities will remain pointless. As gracious host to thousands of jihad-trained citizens, the British government needs to adress the shadow state that’s sprung up in Muslim enclaves before they worry about university plumbing.