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Hillary Gives McCain Hispanic Votes

Operating under the law of unintended consequences, the Clintons’ divisive identity politics may have done John McCain a great favor. Their unapologetic apportioning of various ethnic groups could give him a sizable piece of the Hispanic vote in a general election against Obama.

In Slate, Micky Kaus wonders if “Hillary has a big general election advantage Obama can’t match, in that a large chunk of the Latino vote might abandon an Obama-led Democratic ticket and vote for immigration-friendly John McCain.” Hillary’s big election advantage takes on new proportions if she’s not in the general election. Playing to Hispanic voters, undoubtedly, Hillary thought she was subtracting from Obama’s support while making in-roads into McCain’s. In fact, she hurt herself by showing such transparent calculation and may also have hobbled the Democrats in November. Chalk one up for the forces against cynicism.