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You Think Republicans Have Problems

Howard Kurtz provides a candid assessment of the stunning media bias in the Clinton-Obama race. Conservatives often bemoan the lack of fair media treatment, but they have nothing over Hillary Clinton. How would you like to run in a race where reporters bring their children to your opponent’s rallies and dance to his tunes (literally)? The prospect of a post-partisan, minority candidate is too much for the media to resist. Does this mean the coverage of Clinton is unduly harsh? Perhaps a more accurate assessment is that she is receiving the proper amount of scrutiny for a frontrunning candidate who has botched her campaign while Obama receives virtually no critical coverage. If he gets the nomination we might hope to get more exacting coverage (or at least, for starters, a substantive interview on his foreign policy views), but it seems more likely that the media rooting will only intensify when the opponent is a Republican, even one widely respected by the media.