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American Embassy in Belgrade Attacked

Hundreds of Serbian protesters have attacked the embassies of western countries that have recognized Kosovo’s new independence. This includes the U.S. The American embassy in Belgrade is now on fire.

Here’s an early round up of opinions, moving from the furious to the downright motherly.

Stephen Schwartz sees the attacks as the collective Serbian character unleashed:

Let Serbs dance in the ashes of their undeserved reputation for honor and glory. They will be the black hole of Europe for a hundred years. Albanians kiss our flag and express their gratitude and love for us. Let us not forget who have been our honorable and truthful friends.

While Ed Morrisey is a little more pragmatic:

Frankly, no one should be surprised at the reaction. We just recognized the division of the Serbian state from boundaries recognized for the past six centuries. If the Serbs seem disinterested in guarding our territory within their capital, it’s not hard to imagine why.

And James Joyner of Outside the Beltway goes the full “root-causes” route and apologizes for the people currently burning our embassy:

It’s worth pointing out, perhaps, that this is a case of (mostly) Christian protesters rioting against unpopular actions taken by (mostly) Muslim politicians. Powerless people sometimes vent their frustration in violent, criminal ways, unfortunately.

I guess he thinks losing ownership of another nation renders one “powerless.”

It will be interesting to see what Vladimir Putin says. He’s been a staunch opponent of Kosovo independence. Overlord Putin doesn’t need territories in the region breaking off from larger countries. He’ll waste no time in fanning these flames.