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Crimes Against Humanity

Listening to the Democrats’ rhetoric these days you get the sense they are . . . how to put this gently . . . wimps. Politics ain’t beanbag and you wonder how fragile they imagine their candidates might be that they fear a continuation of their primary process. Chris Dodd says that “we cannot go five more months with the kind of daily sniping that’s going on and have a candidate emerge in that convention.” Barack Obama likens the race to the “Bataan Death March.” Yeah, just like that. (Note to our Democratic friends: avoid analogies which compare, even in jest, the minor stresses of campaigning to war crimes; there’s a candidate out there who knows something about real wars and real suffering.)

In short, what do these people think politics is all about? Far be it from me to agree with Bill Clinton, but if these folks can’t give and take a punch you have to wonder if they have the mettle to make it through the general election. And beyond that, what do they expect the presidency to be like?

Perhaps the shock of having continued press coverage focus on their foibles rather than on the Republicans’ is a novel and overwhelming experience. Perhaps all the feigned indignation over the latest jibe from the other camp has clouded their view. Or perhaps the Obama-mania doesn’t wear well with time. For now, all they see is danger and ruin so they want the match called off and the referees (who exactly they would be is unclear) to come in and stop the game.

You think they would be enjoying all this attention. Maybe less is more.