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The Dems on God and Climate?

This Sunday, CNN will broadcast something called the “Compassion Forum” in which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama shoot the breeze on God, religion, etc. This is how CNN’s Roland Martin describes the event:

Sunday’s forum, which will be held at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, will allow each candidate to speak for 40 minutes on various moral issues, including poverty, global AIDS, climate change and human rights.

Climate change?

Now this is progress. Finally, the politico-media set is admitting that climate change is a religious matter. What else but faith could sustain the contention that the planet is boiling, when the United Nations World Meteorological Organization just announced that not only have temperatures been steady for that past 10 years, but it looks like things are getting . . . colder. So while families in Japan and India—India!—are being literally crushed to death by record snowfall, Ted Turner is composing cannibalistic Global Warming Armageddon scenarios. I wouldn’t miss the pious pronouncements on Sunday for all the snow in Kashmir.