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Next Thing She’ll Be Caught At A USO Show

First, Mark Penn was discovered consorting with a fragile democratic ally on a trade deal clearly in the interest of the U.S. Next, they uncovered Hillary Clinton’s nefarious past affiliation with a huge domestic employer that has provided affordable products (low cost prescription drugs, even) to millions of working-class Americans. Only in a Democratic party convinced that free trade is bad and that its voting base’s favorite store is evil could Clinton be trapped in her current vortex of guilt by association.

Some would say that she is getting her just desserts: having joined the protectionist/populist mob, she now is feeling its wrath. She can complain all she likes about a double standard that vilifies her for fictional sins while allowing Obama to slide by. But the unfairness is beside the point.

The media (and, increasingly, Democratic voters) seem to be tiring of her. Each new bit of material, whatever its merits, becomes one more drip in the torrent of bad news. Reversing that narrative seems to be an ever-steeper uphill fight.