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The Audacity of Delusion

I just heard William Schneider of CNN say, as he looked at Hillary closing in on a 200,000-vote margin in Pennsylvania and winning blue-collar white voters by a margin of 70-30, that the “bitter” comments really didn’t matter because Hillary won neighboring New Jersey by 10 points and Ohio by 9 and it looks like she’ll win Pennsylvania by 10.

Welcome to the Land of Delusion. Obama outspent Hillary 3-to-1 in Pennsylvania because he thought he could win it. Instead, he lost it. He lost it. He said rural Pennsylvanians cling to their religion and their guns because they’re bitter and they told him to go jump in the nearest vat of Scrapple. People like Bill Schneider are doing their beloved candidate no favors with their refusal to acknowledge how badly he’s been doing lately.