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Losing After Losing

Kevin Drum, over at the lefty Washington Monthly:

Hillary Clinton insists, unsurprisingly, that she’s going to press on, but I wonder if the rest of us have to press on as well? Instead of continuing the internecine warfare of the past couple of months, maybe the best thing to do is to start ignoring her–perhaps the worst fate of all for someone who seems to gain strength via umbrage. So if she says something outrageous, who cares? Just shrug and move on. After all, Barack Obama is, at this point, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, so why not start treating him that way?

I’m not so sure the Democrats are correct in worrying that further Hillary shenanigans are a boost for McCain. This post-loss leg of her campaign may serve to drive a fair portion of the 30% of Democrats who vowed to vote for McCain over Obama right into Obama’s camp. Not only has Obama robustly outraised Hillary, but he might have just received a $6.4 million campaign donation directly from her.