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Now They Tell Us

The Washington Post, a bit late for Democratic primary voters to consider, notes that despite Barack Obama’s high-minded talk about rising above the Red state-Blue state divide, “his political program and his legislative record are almost entirely blue.” Wait: he’s really liberal? Who knew! Then the Post confesses that

he has done his share and then some of telling people what they want to hear: on middle-class tax cuts, on trade, on how easy it will be “to end a war that isn’t making us safer.” There’s been a lot less in the way of straight talk about tough choices.

Well, come to think of it ,we haven’t heard him explain the economic impact of large tax increases during a recession or how exactly visiting with dictators and withdrawing from Iraq won’t embolden our enemies. (He might even wade through to page 18 of the same newspaper, look over the story of the latest Guantanamo releasee who engaged in a suicide bombing and explain how one of his party’s favorite ideas–shutting down the reviled Guantanamo–won’t endanger more lives.)

It’s nice to know these are real concerns, but curious none the less that we didn’t see more op-eds remarking on how Obama’s rhetoric hasn’t matched up with his own record or with domestic and international realities. But I’m sure the mainstream media will rise to the occasion and give him a thorough grilling in the general election. They’ve never failed in their journalistic obligations before, have they?