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Re: Pelosi Credits Iran

Abe, this is typical of much of the “magical thinking” which dominates the Democratic party in foreign affairs. We saw it in the Cold War. Our military buildup, defense of human rights, support for democratic forces in Eastern Europe, and defiance of the Soviets in placing missiles in Europe had nothing to do, you see, with the end of the Cold War. Communism just collapsed. Gorbachev was a reformer. The actions of the U.S. in bringing about that beneficial result are never credited. Why? Aside from believing we do very little good in the world, the Left opposed all those things I listed, so they couldn’t possibly be responsible for ending the Cold War.

Likewise in Iraq, it is getting pretty darn hard to say nothing is improved. So whatever progress is made is “magical.” The Anbar awakening had nothing to do with the presence of U.S. forces or growing confidence that the Sunnis could depend on us for protection, you see. The events in Basra had nothing to do with us and everything to do with Iran. And so it goes.

It is illogical, a-factual and silly. But it is not surprising. It is not even original.