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In a rather odd article, the Los Angeles Times asserts that the NRA has lost its clout because it has achieved its agenda. No, really. Acknowledging that Barack Obama has a problematic record on the Second Amendment and that a key Supreme Court case is due out shortly, the report nevertheless insists guns are a non-issue in the presidential race. Wait a second. The public and elected leaders have accepted the NRA agenda, a candidate who has taken the opposite view (and denigrates gun owners to boot) is running for President, and the Supreme Court is about to issue a landmark decision which highlights this issue, and somehow this isn’t a problem for Obama?

Only in the world of media excuse-making–a parallel political world where no bad facts exist for Obama–could this thesis hang together. So I’m sure the Times will soon be assuring us that abortion is a non-issue and that efforts to portray John McCain as a threat to the constitutional pro-choice status quo are just noise, right?