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Don’t Forget, McCain Pleads

John McCain amidst the turmoil of Barack Obama’s public financing reversal is trying to make sure voters don’t forget Obama favors habeas corpus rights for Osama bin Laden. Today he put out a statement castigating his opponent for not coming clean on whether he favors executing bin Laden and what type of proceeding he would favor. He reminds everyone that Obama is confused on what exactly took place at the Nuremberg trials. He also had Fred Thompson on a media call today emphasizing the Supreme Court’s actions in greatly expanding rights for detainees, in contravention of all prior precedent.

I suspect if McCain is going to make any headway here he will have to make a major communications push, with speeches and ads, to explain why Obama’s position reveals him as unfit on national security. The media is already turning to other issues and is not inclined to spend the time to explain to the American people what parade of horribles will occur now that we have terror suspects flocking to federal courts. Can McCain do this successfully? He will have to do it himself, even Thompson conceded, because he will get little assistance from the mainstream media.