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Not Very Sunny For Obama

Which ethnic group in Florida is peeved at Barack Obama for his insufficiently resolute stance against a rogue state dictator? Okay, there is more than one. The one getting the attention this weekend is the Cuban Americans. The Miami Herald reports:”In a noteworthy snub of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, said he would not offer his endorsement today.” The immediate cause is Obama’s hiring of advisors who helped deport Elian Gonzales. Diaz is quoted as saying, “I dedicated six months of my life to that cause. I cringe every time I see the Cuban government use that boy for political purposes.”

Meanwhile Sunshine State voters say they like offshore drilling — by a wide margin.

And polling in Florida shows no Obama bump.

In some respects Florida may be a harder state to crack for Obama than Ohio. Obama starts with a small African America base, faces skeptical groups (Cubans, Jews, military, evangelical Christians) who comprise a healthy chunk of the electorate and encounters voters in a trade-dependent and diverse state who may take issue with his on-and-off again fixation with protectionism.

So expect John McCain to keep pounding the drum on Castro and Hugo Chavez and hemispheric free trade — whether from home or abroad.