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Going To The Dogs

Aside from further fodder for those who find Michelle’s bossing of her husband in public a bit cringe-inducing, this account on potential dogs for the Obama family provides some fun and a few thoughts. (I am a dog nut so I speak from some canine experience.) First, under no circumstances should the Obamas choose this breed, which the AKC apparently recommended. Obama doesn’t have enough problem with folks who think he’s not a “regular guy”? (Yeah, walk that around in the Rust Belt and listen to the comments.) Second, say what you will about chastising her spouse in public, Michelle is right: two little girls won’t be taking care of a dog so the parents (okay, the staff of the parents in this case) will be. Finally, the McCain menagerie is a good sign — if you can tolerate mess, noise, a certain level of chaos and love animals enough to have that many you can’t be all bad — and you have had good training for Washington.

And, yes, how people treat their animals does tell us a little something about their personality. (You will recall the irresponsible Clintons who couldn’t manage to keep Buddy alive.) My recommendation for the Obamas? A nice mutt from the pound.