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Now He’s Gone And Done It

Of all the things that could have caused Andrew Sullivan to blow his top about Barack Obama, it’s the charming “Access Hollywood” interview with the whole Obama clan that did it:

I can barely credit that Michelle Obama agreed to this and that Barack Obama went along with it–it’s not what they would have done a few months ago. One great aspect of the Obama marriage has been the way in which they appear to have brought up their daughters as very regular girls, down-to-earth, normal and sane. Displaying them in this way was bad judgment and poor parenting. Fame is a toxin. Children deserve to be protected from it as much as they would from lead paint.

Oh, please. Could you tone down the sanctimony a smidgen? There’s a pretty basic, universally-agreed-upon first step in protecting your child from fame’s toxic effects: Don’t run for the most powerful office in the world. Not doing Access Hollywood is, of course, second. And can someone check the lead paint readings at the Atlantic offices?