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Obama’s Iraq Plans

ABC reports that, hey, Barack Obama’s Iraq withdrawal plan (the one that’s still on his website, but maybe not the one he’ll have in a few weeks) is unworkable and dangerous:

Asked if he considered it dangerous to pull out if the withdrawal is not based on “conditions,” [Maj. General Jeffrey]Hammond said, “It’s very dangerous. I’ll speak for the coalition forces, men and women of character and moral courage; we have a mission, and it’s not until the mission is done that I can look my leader in the eye and say, ‘Sir, Ma’am, mission accomplished,’ and I think it is dangerous to leave anything a little early.”

Read the whole thing. It sure would have been nice if we had more of these reports while the oh-so-skeptical Democrats were grilling General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker at their hearings a few months ago (and, perhaps more importantly, while Democratic primary voters were still choosing their nominee). And it raises again the question: why hasn’t Obama known (or did he and he wasn’t telling?) the data and conclusions of all these military officials and many other independent observers? On the most critical national foreign policy decision facing us, he seems to be the last to know.