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Flotsam and Jetsam

Is Barack Obama pushing the stock market down?

A network news outlet has the guts to admit Phil Gramm had a point.

Servicemen shouldn’t feel so bad–Obama doesn’t want to answer questions from Hispanics, either.

An eloquent tribute to Tony Snow’s sense of gratitude. In a town dominated by huge egos, ingrates and backstabbers he was extraordinary, wasn’t he?

Obama says of the Bradenburg Gate kerfuffle “We didn’t have a particular site in mind.” Huh? If so, that’s a whole lot of inaccurate reporting and bizarre leaks from his campaign. He couldn’t be lying, could he?

What was the New Yorker thinking? Conservative publications would never have made the error since they are accustomed to anticipating outrage, but liberals think they can do no wrong. How can they possibly insult and offend when their motives are so pure?

Left largely unsaid in the Tony Snow tributes: the White House was in its defensive crouch in large part due to the utterly incompetent press secretary who preceded Snow.

It is fairly easy to spot the inaccuracy in this post from Andrew Sullivan about the surge’s success: “This is a major achievement, and it would be churlish and wrong to deny the Bush administration credit – at least for the past year or so. At the same time, it confirms everything Obama has said about this conflict from the beginning and much that McCain said over a year ago about the surge.” Confirms everything Obama has said? Except for the part about the surge not working, the desirability of immediately cutting off funds for U.S. troops, the surge’s non-impact on Al Qaeda and the unimportance of Iraq as a battlefield in the war on terror. Small stuff.

Is the bloom off the waffle?