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Beyond The Pale

Joe Klein’s latest offering is replete with material for others to dissect. But the following passage reveals, if there were any doubt, that his venom for Jews (or Jews who hold certain views) has clouded his political analysis. He declares:

McCain hasn’t said he was for regime change, but he has rattled sabers noisily, joked about bomb-bomb-bombing Iran and surrounded himself with, and been funded by, Jewish neoconservatives who believe Iran is a threat to Israel’s existence.

Aside from the entire lack of factual support for the notion that McCain is funded by or “surrounded” by Jews, this is rank anti-Semitism of the worst kind, the type of conspiracy theory used for centuries to portray Jews as controlling levers of power behind the scenes. The notion that McCain is surrounded or funded by Jews is preposterous on its face and belies the same conspiratorial paranoia that has motivated the proponents of the Jewish Lobby myth for years.

Let me be clear. Despite the fact he intends, one supposes, to bolster Barack Obama’s candidacy with these statements, I in no way attribute Klein’s views to Obama or to many other Obama supporters. While I take strong exception to many of Obama’s views I do not for a moment believe he adopts or condones this rancor from his supporter in the media. One does, however, wonder why Time permits this line of attack against Jews to continue and why the entire MSM turns a blind eye to such venal bigotry, which if directed against any other minority, would be grounds for professional ostracism.