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Flotsam and Jetsam

I heartily concur, Noah.

The IOC is starting to rank up there with the U.N. on the list of misguided international organizations we could do without.

No dog, or birthday or Christmas gifts? One more reason to leave kids out of a campaign. People get too much information.

It’s a bit long but the faux trip wrap-up briefing book is a good read — especially pages 8 and 9. The biggest problems from the trip, even MSM-types agree: not admitting error on the surge and still maintaining his opposition to a successful strategy.

“He’s not running for anything” seems like a lame excuse not to cover the story the MSM won’t cover. The story obviously knocked him out of VP contention. Shouldn’t the press explain why? You get cross-eyed trying to keep track of all the MSM’s double standards. (Imagine if this was one of the former GOP presidential contenders.)

Just like Karl Rove warned: think up your excuse and stick with it.

Would they be happier with President Cheney?

Exactly right, Jamie. But it is clarifying to see how the Left views Israel and wants to readjust American foreign policy, isn’t it?

I agree with all of them.

To make the quiz even harder, you can’t use “this is the moment” or any sentence with “citizens of the world.” Stumped, aren’t ya?

Going to love this in Youngstown. And people think Obama isn’t funny.

Given the choice between very good local press in key swing states and generally bad press in the big national newspapers (Wall Street Journal excepted) which would the McCain campaign rather have? ( Hint: If you don’t have to do it for your job and you read the New York Times voluntarily, you probably already decided not to vote for McCain. That’s why Fox matters a lot.)

If Michigan is this close this is a different race that the MSM has been covering/spinning. But a big “if.”