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Flotsam and Jetsam

I have long thought that John Kerry is the anti-surrogate for Barack Obama. Whatever position he espouses seems inherently less credible coming from his lips.

Republicans should stop praying for rain in Denver (in jest, apparently) and start praying for this.

A smart take on our next move(s) against Russian aggression. The only way to deter future acts, maintain U.S. credibility, and protect our other endangered allies is to make the price very high for the invasion of Georgia. Otherwise, this is only the beginning and there will be no end to it until the former Soviet Empire is re-created.

Facts matter and those who oppose a strong response from the U.S. need to explain why ethnic cleansing in Darfur is unacceptable but the same in Georgia brings a shrug of indifference. Do human rights matter or not?

The Left throws in the towel: this week has been a semi-wipe-out for Obama.

The New York Times: McCain Lite on Russia.

Which showed greater weakness and indecisiveness – his reaction to Georgia or capitulating to the Clintons? (The former I think.)

McCain catches a break — Obama tries another inaccurate ad and gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

A focus group figures it out: the wrong Virginian is under consideration for VP. (“[Mark]Warner came off well; Kaine did not, with respondents saying that he lacks substantive accomplishments and kisses up too much to Obama.”)

Victor Davis Hanson nails it: “Once again for the Left, if it is a question of supporting Democratic states and those in them from tyrants—or finding new creative ways of blaming the United States first—well, the answer is a no-brainer.”