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McCain Hits Back

Barack Obama likely didn’t expect the McCain camp to lower the boom. But that is what they got. It is a fight I suspect the McCain camp is delighted to have. In this way they can force the mainstream media to cover the Obama-Rezko connection and the very topics, such as the Mayor Daley and Bill Ayers associations, which are prime subjects in the recently released anti-Obama books.

This is extremely helpful to McCain for two reasons. First, every day spent on this is a day Obama can’t bolster his foreign policy credentials, talk about the economy, or reassure voters he has gravitas. Second, Obama’s liabilities far outweigh McCain’s. Rezko’s buddy vs. the POW? Chicago politics vs. McCain the maverick? The McCain team would be thrilled to make this a contest of biography and character. And remember those liberal pundits who warned that if the contest was about Obama he would lose? Well, McCain is about to make it about Obama. In a big way.