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Who Endorses Bush’s Policies?

It’s Bush and Obama on one side, and McCain on the other. When it comes to Russia’s invasion of Georgia, Barack Obama is firmly behind what George W. Bush has been doing. (Which makes sense, because all the President has been doing is talking.) John McCain, on the other hand, advocates isolating Russia in concrete ways, such as kicking it out of the G8.

Obama has couched his support for ineffective policy in lofty talk of a united America front. “There will be a time later for politics. I’m a big believer that when you’re in a crisis, America speaks with one voice,” he said. As if America hasn’t been in a national security crisis for the past seven years. As if during that entire period Obama and the majority of his Democrat buddies haven’t been accusing the President of everything from stupidity, to deception, to treason, to war crimes.

People in Obama’s camp certainly do have time for politics. They’ve labeled McCain’s position “trigger-happy,” and “reckless,” even though McCain has not advocated the pulling of a single trigger, or the loading of one rifle, and the implementation of his plan requires the cooperation of other G8 members. Meanwhile, Obama threatens to “suspend a whole range of international talks.” Of course, any and all threats against Russia have only served as invertebrate provocations for fully realized Putin counter-responses, shaped to match the original threat. NATO warns Moscow that they’ll cut off cooperation with Russia? Putin calls their bluff and severs ties himself. Poland signs on to missile defense? Putin vows to respond with military action. And after assessing this disaster, Obama states “I’m supportive of what George Bush has been doing.”