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Davy, on Peter Wehner:

I came across this blog from but judging solely on the post above, this must be a partisan publication. Any political hack, if honest, will tell you that Palin as VP, is a hail mary pass, a half-court heave, an attempt to hit a 10-run homer — whatever sports analogy you want to use — it smacks of desperation.

In a week or so, it will also bring some serious tactical challenges:

1. They are going to have to spend a lot of time filling in the blanks on Palin, more so than was the case with Biden, who came with a ready-made narrative. That means less time for messaging on whatever issues which can win the election, most likely attacks on Obama.

2. McCain has now made age a bona fide and safe issue to discuss. The Dems have tiptoed around but now, America has no choice but to confront the fact that McCain is 72 and Palin would be next in-line to be POTUS.

3. The Dems are moving to neutralize the energy issue with the Gang of 10 compromise which will allow some offshore drilling so Palin’s selling point as an energy-conscious governor will be nullified to an extent.

4. This is the worst way to pitch Hillary voters. Many Hillary voters resisted Barack Obama as another example of the less-qualified male stepping over the more qualified older woman. Palin is now going to be the poster girl for the younger, pretty, less-qualified girl that older women have always had to deal with, whether it’s the boss preferring eye candy over competence or the husband trading in the older model to deal with his midlife crisis. The fact that Palin has very little common ground on the issues with Hillary means that PUMA, in order to vote for the Republicans, have to admit that it is solely about ovaries and nothing else.

5. McCain did next-to-nothing to bolster his credentials on the economy. Palin manages a state that pays people to live there — that’s a very different situation than the lower 48.

6. Joe Biden will relentlessly attack McCain and now Palin. How can Palin credibly attack Obama or Biden on experience or foreign policy?

7. That crowd in Ohio was not terribly excited (or at least that’s how it played on TV) about Palin. Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s initial reaction was probably more representative of the true feelings in the party than the made-for-TV response brought out after the announcement.