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Palin Reaction Round-Up

I agree with this fair-minded list of pros and cons on the Sarah Palin pick, but I think her position is not all that different from John McCain’s on gay rights. (To the extent it is, it is likely a net plus.)

I am not the only one who thinks the Obama campaign reaction to Palin was dumb. So does Barack Obama.

Can’t say this about too many VP’s: “A highly competitive, athletic woman with a cool high school nickname, who owns a float plane and loves mooseburgers.”

This sounds like an ad.

Jeffrey Goldberg says Sarah Palin’s has superior experience  over  the other three candidates on the presidential tickets: “In running something, that is. She’s been in charge of a state (a large one, so I’m told) for two years. The three men in the race have run senate offices. So McCain, in other words, chooses experience. The blog-wife, who is no Republican, thinks this is a very smart move. ”

And Heather Wilson agrees!

A comprehensive list of the upside.