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Governor Palin was, I think, a very shrewd pick. She will energize the GOP base, which was considered almost an impossibility a few months ago. She has a very appealing life story, and a nice, agreeable, easy-to-listen-to speaking style. In her remarks, she made all the right points in all the right ways. This was not a Dan Quayle moment or anything close. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Republicans came away reassured rather than concerned.

In addition, Palin helped settle the question about what McCain’s narrative ought to be during the next 67 days. He and Palin will position themselves as true reformers and authentic change agents, as fierce advocates for common people and the common good. That has always been McCain’s best argument on domestic matters; Governor Palin, by virtue of her record and her manner, seemed to give that line of argument new life and energy.

Governor Palin is still a person who is largely unknown to most of America, and she’ll be facing a withering spotlight. Any slip-ups by her will be magnified and mocked. But based on her speech today, I think McCain made a very wise choice, politically and as a governing matter.

Good for him; and good for the GOP.