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Next to John McCain and Sarah Palin, the person in America most delighted by Barack Obama’s lipstick/pig problem may be Joe Biden. Otherwise stories like this about Biden’s reference to “the joy and difficulty of raising a child with a developmental disability” would have been on the front pages of many newspapers. The report notes:

Politics aside, stem-cell research appears to hold little promise of mitigating Down syndrome or helping those with the condition. People with Down syndrome are born with an extra chromosome, and “that is something that does not seem to be easily addressed with stem cells,” said Brian Skotko, whose research and medical practice at Children’s Hospital in Boston focuses on Down syndrome.The greater potential for stem-cell technologies is as a source of replacement cells and tissues for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, spinal-cord injury, strokes, burns, heart disease and arthritis, according to the National Institutes of Health stem-cell Web site.Sen. Biden has been largely overshadowed by Gov. Palin since her nomination. The Project for Excellence in Journalism, which tracks media coverage of the candidates, found that nearly half of the news coverage around the Republican National Convention, on Sept. 1-7, had to do with Gov. Palin — and almost nothing about Sen. Biden.

So to recap: it was an obnoxious move to tie Palin’s son’s plight to support for stem cell research, McCain approves embryonic stem cell research anyway,  and stem cell research isn’t terribly germane to Down’s Syndrome. Other than that it was pure genius.

But to be clear: these guys are obsessed with the newest political star who is grabbing the limelight and stealing their votes. And they just can’t keep talking about her — in the most unfortunatate and embarrassing ways.