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Notes from the McCain/Palin Event: 5

Palin’s speech is quite similar–if not identical-to the one she gave at her outing yesterday in Ohio. The litany is there: reform, earmarks, the jet on Ebay. What you notice in person is the conversational tone and the crowd. The latter, simply put, is kvelling. John McCain starts in and the mere mention of her name starts the “Sarah” chants all over again. But it would be a mistake to say the crowd isn’t pumped for McCain as well. And he takes up where she left off: he says what this campaign is all about “reform and change.”

McCain wants us to remember two numbers: $932M (Obama’s earmarks) and half a billion (the amount Palin vetoed as Governor). But what gets the crowd going? Energy independence. Nuclear power gets a big cheer here. So far no lipstick/pig references.