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J Street vs. Sarah Palin

For a while, J Street was obsessed with Joe Lieberman, and undertook a pointless email campaign against him. Then the obsession shifted to a non-binding House resolution on Iran, which J Street bizarrely insisted was tantamount to a declaration of war. Now J Street is on the hunt for Sarah Palin, and in doing so is revealing something rather disturbing about itself. Here is part of the group’s latest email:

Sarah Palin at a rally to unify American Jews on Iran? Really?

Palin stands diametrically opposed to American Jews on nearly all issues – including on Iran. With just a few days left before the rally, we have no time to lose.

Did you catch that? Because Palin doesn’t subscribe to J Street’s leftist politics, she “stands diametrically opposed to American Jews.” This is a slander of both Palin — if she “stands opposed” to American Jews, then every Republican does — and Jews themselves, as it enlists all American Jew as adherents to J Street’s agenda.

Isaac Luria, J Street’s dim-bulb “online director,” continues his lecture:

Dealing with Iran is an issue of major concern in the American Jewish community, and we believe that the best to [sic] way to deal with the Iranian nuclear program and support for terror is smart, tough U.S. led diplomacy. But even if we disagree on the best way to deal with Iran, Sarah Palin is the wrong choice to speak at a unity rally.

She doesn’t represent the American Jewish community’s views on Israel or any other issues. …
* Sarah Palin’s views on abortion, the environment, and just about every other issue are out of step with the American Jewish community. [2]

This is appalling. When did abortion and the environment become issues of unique concern to Jews? They of course are not, any more than taxes and social security have any special relevance to Christians. J Street is attempting to bludgeon Palin with disapproval from the Jewish community when in fact it is the liberal community that detests her.

What does J Street want its few acolytes to do? Harass the organizers of the Iran rally until they disinvite Palin — you know, in the spirit of inclusiveness and democracy. Does the “American Jewish community” which J Street claims to have commandeered endorse the prohibition of Republicans at anti-Ahmadinejad rallies? Of course not. A while back I wrote that one of J Street’s problems is that it doesn’t appear to have a clear sense of its mission. Lately the group’s mission has become vivid: to advance far-left politics as if they had the universal support of American Jews, while defaming anyone who disagrees as standing in opposition to “the Jewish community.” What a fraud these people are.

Oh, and about that rally: It’ll be this Monday, the 22nd, in New York. Click here for details.