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Those Sneaky Democrats

An AP poll is out suggesting that Democrats harbor all sorts of racist tendencies and that danger lurks for Barack Obama. Yes, once again, we are all being told that an Obama defeat will be proof positive that Americans are rotten racists.

This raises a couple of questions. First, if Democrats in particular are such bigots, how did Obama win the primary? Second, one wonders if this all becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Just as when Obama got caught playing the race card gambit earlier in the summer and stories sprang up discussing whether Obama was a victim or a perpetuator of racial animosity, the notion that this is some grand post-racial campaign is again being proven wrong. How do voters who hear that they or their neighbors and friends are racists  react? It is not clear whether this garners Obama sympathy or infuriates voters whose support Obama will need.

As with voters who thought we might be in for some New Politics, those who longed to escape the racial politics of the last quarter century will be sorely disappointed. And you can be sure the racial blame game will only get dramatically worse if Obama loses.