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So, What Isn’t Like Iraq?

Whether or not the federal bailout is ultimately beneficial, one should be wary of partisan absurdity masquerading as concerned criticism. I refer to the absurdity exemplified by New Jersey Governor John Corzine this morning in an appearance on Fox News. The Democrat Corzine said the bailout’s lack of built-in oversight reflects, “really, almost a use of force in Iraq kind of authorization–do whatever you think is responsible. You got a carte blanche.”

It’s always Iraq if you’re a Democrat. And it’s always either Iraq 2003, when you were supposedly suckered into supporting a war that later scared you silly, or it’s Iraq 2006, when the war seemed forever lost. It’s never ever Iraq 2008, when America is poised to claim a massive victory.

Hyperbole aside, Corzine’s main point–”Speed is not the answer”–is as ridiculous as the war comparison, coming as it does from a guy who almost killed himself doing 91 MPH on the Garden State Parkway last year.