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Only “150% in the tank”?

The McCain camp again calls out the New York Times – not even as “transparent” in its boosterism for Barack Obama as Huffington Post, they say on alleging that Rick Davis was getting Freddie Mac money through his former lobbying firm up until last month. Davis left the firm in 2006.

At this point I suspect there is a cat and mouse game going on. The Grey Lady comes up with wacky allegations from obviously biased sources. The McCain camp won’t comment. The Times publishes and then the McCain camp comes back to point out it is demonstrably false. Not exactly a functional relationship, but it is hard to argue with a key allegation of the McCain camp: the Times gotcha pieces all go one way. The Times has never done a serious investigative piece on Obama and Rezko, Obama and Ayers, or any other problematic relationship. And they won’t.