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Is There Any Shame?

I share others’ outrage that the Democrats are evading proper blame for the financial mess which originated in a misbegotten policy of promoting affordable housing and worsened by willful ignorance of those in Congress charged with oversight. And there is good reason to question why John McCain didn’t immediately and forecefully point the finger directly at his colleagues and make the case that they and his opponent are at the core of the mess.

And the Democrats irresponsibilty isn’t quite over.  A Senate source reports:

On the floor just now, [Senator Mitch] McConnell asked about the timing of a vote, wondering if we could get it done this afternoon.  [Senator Pete] Domenici also expressed his concern about the consequences of waiting. And suddenly we get all this absurd faux outrage from Dems about a “rush to judgment” and being “stampeded.”  The Senate has had the same amount of time to read the bill that the House has, and they’re voting right now. But here’s what we get from Democrat senators: 
Reid: “I think it’s inappropriate to charge into this without having the opportunity to work on it.” 
Leahy: “Let’s not be stampeded into things without even reading it.” He then bizarrely (and obsessively) compared this to the DOJ investigations about the US attorney firings. 
Salazar: “I think the majority leader is correct in terms of wanting us to take the time to review this legislation, which none of us have yet seen, to view it into — through Tuesday . . . .”
So are they going to take responsibility if something bad happens in the markets tomorrow?

One wonders how voters will react on Election Day — when they have thier  third quarter 401K statements in hand and wonder what the Democrats have been doing with their majority.

Meanwhile the House is ten votes short of passage and the Dow is down over 400 points. Welcome to the deluge of political irresponsibility and financial panic. Not a pretty sight.