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Strange Bedfellows

Mickey Kaus notes: “Biden was still hamstrung on Iraq by his vote for the war. He didn’t come up with a winning way out. It’s Obama’s fault for picking him.” But this is even more the case with regard to Biden’s now-famous accusation that Barack Obama’s vote to cut off troops cost lives. Really, the only difference between Biden and John McCain on Iraq is that after both voting for the Iraq war, McCain championed the strategy that ultimately won and Biden backed a wildly unrealistic partition idea.

And on Iran, neither Biden or McCain ever favored direct, presidential talks with Ahmadinejad. Sure, Biden’s no Hillary Clinton — he wasn’t willing to back the Kyl-Lieberman resolution calling Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization — but throughout the Democratic primary and until he got the VP nod it is fair to say that Biden was closer to McCain on many key foreign policy matters than he was to Barack Obama.