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It is hard to know what to make of John McCain’s pep talk before Virginia supporters and staff. He is going to “whip” Barack Obama at the next debate, but “respects” Obama. And “the people want knowledge and they want vision”? Oh heck, McCain’ll give “that to America.” (Which – the knowledge or the vision?) Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham promises some more economic plans are on the way — a “comprehensive economic approach.”

It would be nice to believe that in the bottom of the ninth with two outs McCain will come to bat and hit one out of the park — drilling Obama on his troubling associations and truthfulness about the same, on Democrats’ responsibility for sheltering Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and on Obama’s plans for a tax increase in a recession/depression. A “comprehensive economic appraoch” from McCain would be delightful.

Yet the obvious question arises: is it too late, all too haphazard and scattered? At some point it becomes exhausting if not comical. It would have been nice had all of this determination and focus emerged a month or so ago. Voters might have been more receptive to his message. And the first two debates might have helped narrow, rather than cement, the gap in the polls. Still, if we are going to see all this, the last few weeks of the race might be less depressing for Republicans than the previous three.