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Cracking ACORN

The FBI is now investigating ACORN. Given the dozen or more states that have now have reported issues of significant irregularities in voting registration, that seems entirely appropriate.

But let’s put the Barack Obama-ACORN connection aside for a moment. Unless we want to go down the road of third-world banana republics, it behooves both parties to put an end to voting shenanigans. Neither side wants a victory to besmirched by fraud, and neither side wants to risk losses due to fraud. Unfortunately, motor voter registration and a timid Bush Department of Justice (which refused to proceed with its legal obligation to clean up the voter rolls) have created the potential for havoc and mischief. Post-election, it seems that grown-ups (are there any?) would be well advised to set up a commission– with some former attorneys general and maybe a president or two on board–to figure out how to clean up the rolls and prevent fraud.

Perhaps without a looming presidential election, common sense can prevail.