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purple microdot, on Abe Greenwald:

to all -I’m a former republican voter (1994 through 2006) that will be supporting Obama this year. Regardless of my current voting behavior, the idea of sacrificing at the individual level for the benefit of our nation is an ideal that I also had when I voted as a republican. This is a noble concept and clearly reflects what the people and many families must now do in order to simply balance household budgets and make ends meet. Comparisons to Mussolini or socialism or any other other 20th century evil personas or ideologies is just stupid. It’s as if many people on this blog are just talking to each other in your insulated little worlds. Just throwing pot shots at the opposition that you’ve so throughly demonized within the confines of your dysfunctional minds. Aren’t you all tired of left-wingers always throwing insults and comparing republicans to goose-stepping nazis that are determined to destroy America as we know it? Seriously, this stereotype is just not realistic and beyond untrue. Same for comparing the Democrats or Obama as evil terrorist sympathizers that secretly long to bring jihadist-inspired communist domination to the USA. Etc…

I’ll apolgize in advance for interrupting your mud-slinging hate fest (not quite the LSD induced love gathering of the sixties that J. Menchik felt the need to criticize), but someone has to say something. I can just read some of these blogs and it’s obvious that there are so many really intelligent people here that have so blinded themselves to the confines of conservative-orthodox ideology.