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Re: It Should Come As No Surprise

The McCain camp has pounced on the 2001 radio remarks by Barack Obama (one wonders where the vaunted GOP “oppo” research machine has been, since this didn’t find its way to the public until eight days before the election). The McCain campaign released this statement:

The American people continue to learn more about Barack Obama. Now we know that the slogans ‘change you can believe in’ and ‘change we need’ are code words for Barack Obama’s ultimate goal: ‘redistributive change.’ In a previously uncovered interview from September 6, 2001, Barack Obama expressed his regret that the Supreme Court hadn’t been more ‘radical’ and described as a ‘tragedy’ the Court’s refusal to take up ‘the issues of redistribution of wealth.’ No wonder he wants to appoint judges that legislate from the bench – as insurance in case a unified Democratic government under his control fails to meet his basic goal: taking money away from people who work for it and giving it to people who Barack Obama believes deserve it. Europeans call it socialism, Americans call it welfare, and Barack Obama calls it change.

Coming on the heels of Joe the Plumber, the “redistribution we can believe in” comments confirm that in fact Obama does have, as his primary goal, “fairness.” Not wealth creation or equality of opportunity. He certainly exhibits no affection for or understanding of the benefits of market capitalism. He speaks in soothing terms, but the implications of his words are plain. We have never elected a president who in such stark terms identifies with the goals of the Left.

It took two years, but we may finally be getting a peek at the “real” Obama.