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When Do They Go Back to Work?

Media critic Bernie Goldberg gets to the heart of the media bias problem: the Democratic ticket doesn’t get asked hard questions by the MSM, and when outsiders do (e.g. Joe the Plumber, Stanley Kurtz) they get attacked both by the official Obama camp and by Obama media cheerleaders. All of that means that most voters don’t get answers to basic questions. Unless, by happenstance, someone breaks through the MSM gauntlet, or voters go in search of alternative news outlets. Even more worrisome is that the Obama camp becomes emboldened that they can defy scrutiny and that upstarts can be intimidated.

If Obama is elected it will be interesting to see if the MSM returns to its traditional role as adversary to the White House or whether they join forces to squelch pesky opponents. At some point the MSM has to do its job. Right? Well, they seem to have found a new job — as adjuncts to the Obama team. It’s unclear, if Obama is elected, whether the MSM will have the stomach to confront, criticize, and investigate the man they worked so hard to put in office.