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Flotsam and Jetsam

You’d think, by now, all the Obama surrogates would have the “what has he done?” answer down pat. But no. And win or lose,  if sixty million or so Americans vote against him, how is that “bringing us together”?

A video report on Rashid Khalidi. Not the video.

Ben Smith called the Obama info-mercial “a dramatic gesture executed in a very safe fashion.” I think the translation is: “I was bored silly.” But maybe it is the defining moment of the campaign, when people realize Obama is all about grand gestures. And only about them.

The AP finds that Obama’s commercial didn’t add up.

Did Obama just subtract $50,000 off the definition of “rich“?

Nicole Wallace does an interview. But it seems designed, in large part, to restore her own reputation and pave the way for her return to CBS. Really, sometimes staff needs to be invisible.

“Astonishing” this race isn’t over, says Howard Fineman. Sort of like those darn Democratic primary voters who kept casting ballots for Hillary Clinton after being told she had lost. Pesky voters. Always think they have choices. Hrrumph.

McCain is still jabbing at Obama: “He offers government run health care, an energy plan guaranteed to work without drilling and an automatic wealth spreader that folds neatly and fits under any bed.”

Is Norm Coleman pulling this out? If so, perhaps it is not the Blue tidal wave some predicted.

Rashid Khalidi only a guy in the neighborhood and a respected scholar? “After all, what’s a free press for, if not to withhold news that people don’t really need, or that might cause discomfort just a few days before an election?” It’s hard to keep reality and parody straight.