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Staid in Taiwan

I guess we can scratch Taiwan off the list of Obama’s international advocates:

Like current President George W. Bush, Obama proposes working with China on economic and security goals while pushing Taipei and Beijing to settle their differences peacefully.

Because we all know how peacefully Beijing settles disputes.

“People in Taiwan tend to think McCain takes a rather conservative view toward China and his war veteran image appeals to them,” said Joseph Cheng, a political science professor at City University of Hong Kong.

You mean the Taiwanese–living in fear of Chinese aggression–are not in awe of Obama’s extraordinary “temperament”? Don’t they realize his indifference to their security and freedom is a sign of leadership? Don’t they know that McCain’s distaste for autocratic Beijing is evidence of his instability? Why would they actually weigh the ideology of American candidates? Americans don’t.

Derek Mitchell, Asia director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, concludes: “McCain and his people have more of a record on Taiwan.” And Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Japan, France, Venezuela, Canada . . .