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More Questions Than Answers

John McCain and Sarah Palin often say that we don’t know enough about Barack Obama. But that grossly understates the lack of information we have about Obama and the questions that remain.

On Obama’s past, here are a few:

When did he realize Bill Ayers was a terrorist and why did he continue the relationship?

Did he agree with Ayers’s educational philosophy?

Did he personally approve grants from the Woods Fund and agree with the agendas of far Left groups (like the Arab American Action Network and ACORN) who received money?

How was it that he remained ignorant for over twenty years of Reverend Wrights’ anti-American and anti-white views ? What about Wright’s philosophy and rhetoric did he find so brilliant and compelling?

What relationship did he have with Rashid Khalidi and what did he hear and say at that 2003 celebration?

On his present views:

What’s the real definition of “rich”?

Does “fairness” and income inequality trump every other concern in economic policy?

Does he really agree with Big Labor’s committment to abolishing secret ballot elections and abandoning a bipartisan committment to free trade?

Will he do what is needed in Iraq to secure the victory?

Does he really intend to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear capability and, if so, what will he do about it?

Will he hike more taxes, cut spending or borrow more when his advisors tell him we can’t afford $4.3 trillion in new spending?

Does he really intend as his first act to sign the Freedom of Choice Act abolishing all abortion regulation including parental notification laws?

I have no idea what the real answers to these (and dozens others which you can think up) are and neither, I would suggest, do the vast majority of voters. Indeed, I am not sure that Obama does.

He has convinced discrete groups of voters that he is an ultra-liberal and a moderate, a hawk and a dove, an advocate of the Palestinian cause and the best friend of Israel, a reformer and a party loyalist, and an Agent of Change and a bare-knuckle Chicago pol. If he is elected, a bunch of people are going to find out they were wrong. We just don’t know which ones.