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Flotsam and Jetsam

Not as bad a night for the GOP in the House as it could have been. Maybe the specter of unlimited power for Nancy Pelosi helped hold back the tide.

A magnificent column by Michael Gerson. In demonstrating grace, as Gerson does, Republicans will take a step toward restoring Americans’ respect (and even affection) for them.

It looks like a split decision on Ward Connerly’s racial preference ban iniatives. Still, considering the Democratic wave in Colorado, Amendment 46 did better than McCain and the GOP Senate candidate. By a lot.

I suspect we are headed for a recount in the Minnesota Senate race. Norm Coleman had to overcome a 10% deficit at the top of the ticket. There is something seriously amiss if Coleman doesn’t win and Ted Stevens does.

Each candidate took the same share of his own party. Obama carried Independents by 8%. And for those obsessed with the breakdown in party id, it was 39% vs. 32%. The largest advantage in a generation for Democrats.

This fight is like the Iran-Iraq war — who do you root for?

A very interesting point — all the GOP incumbent Governors won. This is a lesson waiting to be learned. Perhaps the pundits and party “experts” should ask them how they did it.

Robert Stacy McCain has it right — the other McCain’s media “strategy” (screaming at the New York Times) didn’t work out very well.

Lots of us are happy it’s over. This has been like a good movie that goes on too long — in this case, about a year too long.

Gay marriage bans were popular. Considering massive Democratic turnout, and other outcomes, this has to be one of the most surprising results.