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Flotsam and Jetsam

Would a GOP candidate who spoke more fluently on the economy have done better? This interview with Mitt Romney gets you thinking.

The Washington Post fesses up that they were in the tank for Barack Obama. Shouldn’t people be fired for two years of biased coverage?

It seems that Sen. Mitch McConnell should find a way to sweeten the pot in order to encourage Joe Lieberman to switch parties. Or at least make Harry Reid’s job harder.

The Palin-McCain staffer wars continue. Interesting how many people now want to be on the record defending her. These people can read polls — and presumably want others to know they were not among the leakers.

I, like Larry Kudlow, am a bit surprised Obama has yet to name his Treasury pick. It is not as if he didn’t know he was going to win, and didn’t understand the importance of selecting someone who might calm the markets.

Marc Ambinder tries to unpuzzle the Romney camp’s connection to the Palin smears. I can’t really see how this helps Romney’s prospects, since right now she is the darling of the base. He’s not a foolish man, so that leads me to conclude that there’s no organized effort to join in the smear fest.

I take some comfort in this interview with Rahm Emanuel. It suggests the moderate Obama is the one who will show up in the Oval Office. Is it moderate and “pragmatic” to abolish the fairness doctrine, outlaw secret ballot union elections, and ban offshore drilling? I don’t think so, but I’m not the one deciding what is too ideological and what is not. And the Congressional Democratic liberals have their own ideas as well.

Is the glass really half full for gay marriage advocates? Well, at least for now, some will have to rethink the theory that reclaiming the White House would mark the dawn of a new, socially-progressive era.

Others share my enthusiasm for Paul Ryan (R-WI).

As bad as the media bias was, I think it is incorrect to ascribe John McCain’s loss to the MSM. Worse, it prevents Republicans from taking responsibility for their errors and from devising a more effective media plan in the future.

More good news from Iraq. Plus evidence that Iraqi Security Forces are stepping up to the plate.

Hard to quibble with this: “But some number of voters seem to be engaging in truly magical thinking about what is possible from a president.  What happens when they get a $500 increase in the child tax credit and military operations in Pakistan instead of fairyland?”

I’m not sure if this is true, but I’m a sucker for any Godfather analogy: “So it’s like Tessio proposing a meeting with Barzini: Any McCain aide blaming Romney thereby becomes identified as an anti-Palin traitor.”