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david, on Peter Wehner:

The problem is that the Democrats have ridden back to power on the back of insane left-wing rhetoric. My upper middle class college town was filled with rich, successful people who routinely called Bush a chimp, a Nazi, a fascist, and a torturer.

That demonizing of the Right is what motivated so many on the Left to donate time and money to Obama. It’s why he won. It’s why they were dancing in the streets when he won. They don’t believe that Cheney and Bush are wrong, the Left believes Republicans are evil.

On multiple occasions I have been cursed at during dinner parties simply for suggesting that I thought Cheney was a decent man doing what he thought was best for his country.

Politics is nasty. To win you have to be willing to demonize your opponents. Cause if you don’t the other side will.

Brookings scholars can be high-minded, but they rely on the screaming DailyKos cretins to put them in power.

Partisan politics is all about Good vs Evil. McCain lost because he wouldn’t play that game.