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Get Used To It

David Broder writes the sort of fawning description of the President-Elect’s latest activities that will represent the tone of much of the MSM coverage for the foreseeable future. He gushes:

The first week of Barack Obama’s transition to the presidency has gone about as well as anyone could imagine. His few public appearances have been gaffe-free and the initial decisions in setting up his administration have been strongly reassuring.

Well, there was that Nancy Reagan crack. And, yes, he did get into an uncomfortable minor spat with the President of Poland. And, oh, the stock market is down 14% since his election, roiled in part on the uncertainty surrounding his yet-to-be-named Treasury Secretary and the yet-to-be-determined tax policy of his administration.

It is not that things have gone badly, or that there haven’t been positive developments. But it certainly is not the case that we can’t imagine a better start. (What about not picking a fight over missile defense with an ally, while Russia continues its bluff-and-bluster routine?)  Critical analysis and balance are verboten. We are in full rooting mode.

It is not going to “better” — that is, more emotionally disengaged–for a long, long time. If ever.