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The Left Loses a Battle

To the chagrin of the netroots, Sen. Joe Lieberman retained his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, as well as his seat on the Armed Services Committee. It might seem obvious to conservatives that the Democrats would see it as foolhardy to pick a fight over an election they won, and lose a seat before the new Senate even convenes. But, apparently, the leftwing ranks hoped that vengeance would be extracted.

It might not be the last disappointment in store for the netroots. The Clintonites are back in droves. Hillary may be heading the State Department. And there is an agreement by the Iraqi government on a pact to allow troops to remain in Iraq up through 2012. “Worse” still, as Abe points out–no war crimes trials!

This is what they hollered, screamed, bullied, and worked so hard for?! Conservatives disappointed by defeat can take a measure of satisfaction in knowing that the Left is slowly realizing that it’s been had.