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Easy Call

Some are puzzled why Hillary Clinton would give up her perch in the Senate for the State Department. Truth be told, it is not much of a perch. As others have observed, the Senate does not offer her much. She does not have much seniority, she can’t use the Senate in the short run to prepare for a presidential run, and she would be trading in the spotlight which shines on a presidential candidate for an occasional spot on Meet the Press and CSPAN coverage of speeches to an empty gallery. What’s so great about that?

Instead, at the State Department, she becomes the most prominent woman on the international stage, rounds out her experience, escapes the humdrum routine of the world’s greatest deliberative body (filled with the world’s greatest gasbags), and has the last say in the “who is more expert in foreign policy” argument with her former rival. From her perspective, it’s a no-brainer.

And with whom would you rather spend your time: Dick Durbin and Harry Reid? Or David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy?